Carlos Vinluan

Vice President, Transformation

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)


Digital Transformation: Short-term pain, long-term gain

Overview of challenges banks encounter when trying to digitalize customer journeys to meet requirements of all stakeholders (e.g., customers, regulators, investors) – all within the context of consumer banking.

  • Benefits of digitalization
  • Typical challenges encountered
  • Anecdotes (e.g., on-the-ground experience with how digitalization is integrated with traditional branch services)

Ross McNaughton

Chief Information Security Officer

Gulf Bank


The Sophistication of Cyber Threats Targeting Retail Banks and Their Customers

A general state of the nation for 2023 on the cyber threat challenges facing banks, and increasingly targeting their customers. How can banks address these evolving threats and mitigate the risks, especially as threat actors increase, budgets are constrained, and cyber experts are in short supply and difficult to retain.

  • Cyber threats facing banks in 2023
  • Cyber threats facing customers
  • Addressing the challenges
  • Using cyber risk management to navigate budget restrictions
  • Creative solutions to the cyber talent shortage

Dua Al Toobi

Director, Digital Transformation

Al Hilal Bank


Future-Proofing the Workforce of Retail Banks: Navigating Digital Disruption with Resilience and Innovation

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, retail banks are presented with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. As technology reshapes the industry and questions the necessity of traditional brick-and-mortar branches, it becomes imperative to future-proof the workforce. In this presentation, we will delve into strategies that enable retail banks to navigate digital disruption, foster resilience, and drive innovation within their workforce.

  • Human-centric banking: Balancing automation with personalised customer experiences
  • Leadership in the digital age: Nurturing a culture of innovation and adaptability
  • Redefining roles and structures: Unlocking collaboration and innovation
  • Agile talent acquisition: Attracting and retaining top tech talent
  • Human-machine collaboration: Leveraging technology for enhanced customer experience

Hakan Kantas

Senior Director Information Technology



Empowering Operational Resilience in the Digital Era

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, operational resilience has become a critical factor in ensuring the survival and success of organisations. Digitally resilient organisations can survive and even thrive in a changing environment, even if disruptions strike at core business processes. In this presentation, we will explore the concept of digital resilience and its importance in building operational resilience. We will discuss how resilient technologies are robust, scalable, and secure, enabling organisations to become more agile and flexible to respond to changing markets and customer needs.