6th Annual Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit

29 – 30 November 2022 | Dubai

Modern banks cease to be only banks in the traditional sense and go beyond the framework of the financial sector. By improving the standard models of customer service, then the very models of interaction between banks and clients are already changing. No one today is in favor of the old, “grandfatherly” methods. The future is entirely for innovations: today there is just a “boom” in technology. Do you have questions regarding global transformation in Retail Banking area? Join our upcoming 6th Annual Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit for getting all answers!

6th Annual Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit is aimed for people who want to know all about trends and challenges. It is a chance to look at others and try to compare your own work processes and approaches with them. The Retail Banking Summit will give you an amazing opportunity to “win” golden knowledges. During the conference we will discuss hot topics about Islamic Banks, Metaverse, Cyber Security, Digitalization and Relationship between costumers and banks. Here you will have a great opportunity to network with other senior level decision makers in the field as we have limited seats.

Do not miss your chance to learn from the best and a lot of other opportunities such as getting inspired by diversity, meeting your colleagues and discussing key points and hot themes with senior-experts in the banking field.

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • Challenges and opportunities in banks` cloud migration
  • Islamic banking & finance – growth trends and challenges
  • Humanity first: The main mission of cyber security
  • How will the metaverse transform the relationship between banks and their customers?
  • Omnichannel strategies to simplify digital customers’ journey: How to develop a digital customer journey?
  • Digitalized process of retail banking: Artificial Intelligence over and over again
  • Digital retail banking as the new norm: Automation implementation in bank ecosystems


Abdulmohsen ALRAYES

Group Chief Audit executive


Retail Banking: Evolution Journey and Future Challenges

The retail banking segment has gradually shifted from large size traditional branches to fully automated applications and product offerings with a range of tailor – made retail products and services at the click of a button. This evolutionary journey in Retail Banking, on one hand, has brought a range of around the clock services to costumers with availability but has also led to many new risks, controls and regulatory challenges. How should banks maintain the delicate balance between customer offerings and cost of control.

• The retail banking as it used to be – my personal journey
• Retail banking transition from physical walls to electronic means and AI
• Risk versus reward module of retail banking offerings
• Need for balance between business growth and increasing regulatory checks
• Technology shift in retail banking – a double edged sword


VP – Agile Transformation


Technology Transformation in Legacy Banking Environment

An inside peek into how legacy banking technology teams can shape up to meet new world challenges from a people, process and technology view.

• Evolution of banking technologies
• How value streams are stood up and collaborate
• Delivering value at pace and scale


Head of Retail Strategy and Sales Factory


The changing landscape of Retail Bank Technology

In this presentation I will talk about how technology is changing Retail Banking, and the expected technology trends in Retail Banking in the near future.

• How to recent technology trends impacted Retail Banking
• Upcoming trends in Retail Banking
• Disruptive technology – all in Retail Banking
• The ever – changing Landscape

Barbara BIRO

Head of Digital Ecosystem


The Post – Automation Future – Digital Banking Report 2030

Assessment of the stagnation and challenges of the current stage of the industry. Introduction of the industry trends and beyond industry trends. Highlighting obstacles and the solutions to overcome those. Projections if where the industry and the market in growing.

• Industry achievements so far
• Reasons of current stagnation
• Evaluation of current business models and digital transformation strategies
• Evaluation and projection of market trends
• Why fintech is more efficient at generating business and onboarding customers?




How to protect out DATA

In this new threat landscape, protecting data is getting harder every day. But do not forget that security hygiene is always key to it. Therefore, I would like to mention the essential methods to keep our data at rest and data in motion secure.

• Threats against our data
• Essential methods to protect data
• Essential methods to recover data

Very good format which allowed for great learning opportunity.

– Deputy Head of IT & Head of Innovation, National Bank of Oman

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