7th Annual Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit

28 – 29 November 2023 | Dubai



Summit will host speakers from the world’s leading companies

Carlos Vinluan

Vice President, Transformation

Jamil Barakat

EVP – Business Technology Division

Dua Al Toobi

Director, Digital Transformation

Ross McNaughton

Chief Information Security Officer

Hakan Kantas

Senior Director Information Technology

Prashant Kumar

Technology Head – Digital Assisted Banking Products

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

Technologies in retail banking can now be characterised by rapid yet significant digital transformation driven by digital advancements, changing customer expectations, and increased competition from fintech companies. Nowadays, we are witnessing a shift towards digitalisation, improved customer experiences, and collaborations with fintech. Banks are embracing technology to meet customer expectations, drive operational efficiency, and remain competitive in the dynamic financial landscape.
The 7th Annual Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit is bringing together industry experts, thought leaders, technology providers, and banking professionals from across the MENA region. The conference aims to create a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and discussions surrounding the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the retail banking sector. The summit will touch upon such topics as digital banking, mobile banking, fintech partnerships, customer experience, artificial intelligence, data analytics, blockchain, cybersecurity, regulatory developments, and emerging technologies shaping the future of banking.
Attendees will have an excellent opportunity to network with their professional peers and exceptional experts from top companies, engage in thought-provoking debates, and take part in roundtables and panel discussions, as the summit has limited seats. During this retail banking conference, you will exploit the benefits of gaining insights into market trends, customer expectations, regulatory developments, and emerging opportunities. This knowledge can guide your strategic decision-making and enable you to set your organisation for success.

Cover Over 8 Topics

  • How will the Metaverse transform the relationship between banks and their customers?
  • Seamless payments: How to design a wallet proposition attractive enough for millennial customers?
  • New digital business models: How will they affect banking?
  • Leveraging data analytics for customer segmentation, targeting, and personalised product offerings – Why is it critical for MENA banking success?
  • Future of digital and traditional banking. What is more prospective?
  • The road less travelled: Technologists drive unexpected industries forward
  • Expansion of digital services and payments: How to create a payment ecosystem hospitable for a cashless society?
  • What are the emerging trends in open banking and its impact on customer experience?

Very good format which allowed for great learning opportunity.

National Bank of Oman– Deputy Head of IT & Head of Innovation

Without a doubt, it was a good event for banking professionals as well as the banking industry. Thanks to Allan Lloyds for arranging such an excellent programme.

Standard Chartered Bank– Global Head, Islamic Retail Banking

Valuable and professional conference. I loved learning how other banks are moving to digital branches, what the challenges are and how they deal with them.

DenizBank– SVP, Retail Banking Products Manager

The overall environment of this event was excellent, with international audience and a great variety of speakers.

Kuwait Finance House– Group Deputy GM Retail Banking

Few photos from our summits

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