5th Annual Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit

23 – 24 November 2021 | Dubai/Online

We live in an ever-changing world, where every second something new is being created. Especially in the banking industry, where innovations are the driving force of staying on the top and keeping the customers loyal to your company.

Wearables, facial recognition, customised solutions based on a customers’ behaviour – every bank strives to provide the best technologies and products possible to not only stay afloat but to revolutionise and innovate the industry as a whole. This summit will answer the most demanding question – what do banks do to keep up with all the new trends in the industry?

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • How will digitalisation be driving banking sector in 2022?
  • Game-changer: Is the pandemic bringing a rise of new possibilities?
  • Crypto revolution: Decentralised finance in banking reshaping
  • How are banks responding to FinTech apps success?
  • Looking into the future: Paying from your car, mobile e-wallets, QR codes and “buy now, pay later” apps
  • 6. Green light for blockchain technologies in the future retail banking
  • Techno innovations: Let’s get into the world of the latest technologies
  • Being one step ahead from customers’ demands
  • Data breaches and cybercrime: Why are retail banking services so attractive for cyber-criminal?
  • ESG (environmental,social, governance) and sustainability in the banking industry – Banks need to act!



Deputy Chief Retail Banking Officer


Some Banks Are Still on Mars, While Others Are Conquering Venus

FSI ecosystem is currently undergoing a huge transformation. With so many new players on the market, banks’ role have been shifting and changing. In order to remain competitive, smart banks have taken a strategic decision to slowly let go part of their “precious” old legacy roles in the ecosystem. Those banks have started re-shaping their approach and decided to perceive the rise of FinTechs as an opportunity rather than a threat.

This presentation will cover an overview of the Financial/Digital Services Ecosystems in Middle East and how some banks have started embracing the change by shaping up their strategies around this.

Khalid Muhammad Abdul LATIF

Head of Financial, Risk and Treasury Audits


Banking Digitalisation as a New Breath in 2022

Increased focus on the digitalisation has created tremendous opportunities and challenges for the banks. Cryptocurrencies can also impact the conventional banking products and services being offered. So, it is of paramount significance to mitigate the associated risks posed by the innovations backed by technology and to ensure that this transformation contributes to the economic recovery and growth of the banks in this demanding time of the history.

• Opportunities created by digitalisation
• Cryptocurrencies and their impact on the bank’s products and services
• Banking innovations backed by technology
• Smooth transition to the banking digitalisation
• Risks and controls involved in digitalisation


SVP & Head – Enterprise Risk Solutions


The Evolution of FinTech in the MENA Region

This presentation will talk about how the FinTech market has evolved in developing markets and how MENA as a region is at the cusp of a banking transformation using FinTech.

• A case study on how FinTech evolution changed banking in an emerging market
• Current FinTech landscape in MENA
• A way forward for the MENA market – Challenges and opportunities

Khomotso MOLABE

Chief Engineering Officer


The Transition of Financial Services to Platform Business

Standard Bank Group has taken a decision to transition from a financial services organisation to a platform business where we become the orchestrators for producers and consumers to participate on our platform. The platform allows us to orchestrate chosen ecosystems and platform ecosystems where we leverage partner capabilities to deliver personalised end to end client journeys integrated into life events.


Senior Vice President (Internal Audit)


Hot Topics & Emerging Technologies with New Digital Risks

This presentation will talk about the giant digital transformation and the conversion of banking risks. Moreover, it will discuss new paradigm, hot topics and the emerging technologies with new digital risks.

• Digital Transformation & Conversion of Banking Risks
• Hot Topics & New Trends
• Risks & precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic
• Securing the most valuable asset, data – Data breaches & GDPR
• Digital transformation and social media – Opportunities & threats
• Cyber security – Nightmare scenarios

Valuable and professional conference. I loved learning how other banks are moving to digital branches, what the challenges are and how they deal with them

SVP, Retail Banking Products Manager at DenizBank

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